A1 Metalcraft provides both interior and exterior metal railings for both home and business owners in the Sarasota, FL area. Whether you want something simple or more artistic metal railings, we will provide you with the best option for your home or business.

Exterior Metal Railings

Beautify your home or business while simultaneously making it more functional by installing exterior metal railings. We build and install custom exterior metal railings for all sorts of purposes, including but not limited to fences, gates, balcony railings, porch railings and more. Notably we have designers on staff who can work closely with you to create the perfect custom and elegant look for your property. We use a variety of metal materials, and the finished product is visually appealing. The materials are also ultra-durable, and the exterior metal railing will last you for years to come. What’s more, exterior metal irons not only provide a long shelf life, but they also require very minimal maintenance, making it a wise investment that will benefit your property for decades.

Interior Metal Railings

Since 1993, A1 Metalcraft has provided myriad homeowners with stylish and functional artistic metal railings for stairs. Whether it’s a beautiful, spiral metal staircase or a railing for the upper level of your home that provides safety and décor, our designers will work with you to find the perfect option for your home. From standard railings, to artistic and contemporary ones, we will work with you to find the best custom option for your home or business.

Our interior metal railings and handrails are expertly fabricated and are designed to suit the specific needs and dimensions of the interior of your home or business. There is no limit to the different options, so let your imagination go wild! We can use all types of metal materials and they are all extremely durable, making them a prudent investment.

To learn more about the interior and exterior metal railing services we offer in the Sarasota, FL area, call us 941-366-2769 or email us at info@a1metalcraft.com.