Do you love your current home but just wish you had more privacy on the exterior of your property? If so, you should strongly consider adding privacy walls to your home.

The Benefits of Privacy Walls

A1 Metalcraft has installed foam privacy walls on many homes in the Sarasota, FL area. There are many advantages to installing privacy on your property; in addition to providing you with more seclusion, they also help improve your home’s security since it adds an extra and robust deterrent to trespassers who may try to go on your property. Moreover, since there are a wide range of styles, colors and options to choose from, you’re able to make a selection that best suits your property and the overall décor theme of your home.

Next, privacy walls are a great barrier to help you withstand nature’s elements, such as strong winds. It also helps prevent pest control problems, since it won’t be so easy for animals to find their way onto your property.

What’s more, privacy walls will require little maintenance, so once they’re installed, you’ll be able to enjoy your solitude without having to worry about constant upkeep.

Lastly, home privacy walls can help increase the value of your home, meaning that should you choose to sell one day, you’ll be able to recoup part of your investment, making it the ultimate win-win.

Those are just some of the many benefits of having home privacy walls installed on your property. If you’re in the Sarasota, FL area and would like to learn more about our privacy wall services, contact us by calling 941-366-2769 or emailing

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